You’re Not Making Progress Until They Think You’re On Steroids

I’ve been training and dieting my ass off for the past 12 months, with very few breaks.

The results speak for themselves, even though I am only about 3-4 kgs lighter than I was 12 months ago, I am down to 8% BF from 15% and my 1RM for Squats and Deadlifts have increased by about 40kg each.

I am looking more and more vascular each day, and my muscles are gloriously soaking up every gram of protein I manage to shove down my throat.

And the people around me are definitely starting to notice.

But what’s more, is that the weak people around me believe I’m on steroids.

Not that I care what the sheep around me think (or have the time to care for that matter), I do take it as a positive sign when the mediocre people around me need to believe I am cheating to achieve the results I have.

I think that’s awesome, it means I’m progressing at a level that they cannot even comprehend.

When they think you’re cheating, that means you’re rising above the mediocre.

It’s not their fault, they’re just so weak that they need some justification for why they suck so much. If they believe that what I have done is possible, and the only thing stopping them is the fact they haven’t actually done it, then they’re going to feel real real bad about their life.

Much easier to believe I’m cheating and continue putting in the least amount of effort possible.

If you’re serious about getting jacked and lean, when people say you’re on the roids, that means you’re on the right path.

My testosterone levels are so high at the moment, I can see why they would think so.

For this I give full credit to my Modified Ketogenic Diet.


-Ryan John

  • Ryan
  • November 26, 2013

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