Super Simple Introduction To Ketogenic Dieting

Ketogenic dieting is a super simple and effective way to get yourself lean, strong and healthier in general.

For those of you who have no idea what a Ketogenic diet is, this is a super simple introduction.

I’m not going to get very scientific here, if you want to know the in depth biological processes that occur on a Ketogenic Diet, check out this post.

What Is Ketogenic Dieting?

Ketogenic dieting is a diet that is effective for both muscle gains and fat loss.

On a Ketogenic diet, you will do two things:

a. Restrict carbohydrate intake

b. Maximize fat intake

On a standard Ketogenic diet, you will be restricting carbohydrates to less than 30g a day. For those of you who are aware of the macro nutrient of foods, you will know that 30g a day is fuck all.

One banana for instance, has about 30g of carbs.

When I say carbohydrates, I mean all sugars, grains and starchy foods. This includes:

  • Bread
  • Wheat
  • Pasta
  • Cereal
  • Most Fruit (some berries are allowed)
  • Milk
  • Sugar (of all kinds)
  • Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

All of these foods are not to be eaten on a ketogenic diets as restricting carbs is the point.  The loose category of food labelled as “good carbs” doesn’t count for shit on Keto. You don’t eat carbs at all. Period.

What you will eat however is fat. Glorious fat and fucking lots of it.

The reason for this is when carbohydrates are restricted, but you still take in high amounts of fat, fat becomes the primary fuel source for the body, as it is broken down into fuel called Ketones by the liver. You then run on these Ketones instead of running on glucose, which is fuel from carbohydrates.

When you’re body is in the state of using Ketones (fat) for fuel, you are in what is called Ketosis. This means your body is carb-depleted and energy needs are derived from fat.

Being in Ketosis allows for rapid fat loss, as stored body fat is able to be utilized for energy because of low insulin levels (moderate to high insulin levels inhibit the break down of stored body fat). Insulin levels rise from high blood sugar, which is the direct result of carbohydrate intake.

On Keto you are going to be eating a lot of fat, and while it may seem like there are a lot of foods you can’t eat, there are still a lot of awesome foods you can and should shove down your throat in abundance.

Keto-friendly foods include:

  • Steak
  • Eggs
  • Full fat cream
  • Full fat cheese
  • Full fat mayo
  • Bacon
  • Fish
  • Green veggies and mushrooms
  • Butter – lots of fucking butter
  • Roast chicken
  • Most other meats
  • Low carb protein shakes
  • Coffee

Once you are accustomed to eating high fat/low carb, it gets super easy and life goes by just swimmingly.

While most people take on a ketogenic diet for its weight loss effects, there are also plenty of other benefits to Keto, some of these include:

There are different types of Ketogenic diets, the one that I follow is what is called a Cyclical Ketogenic diet (which is the foundation for my personally modified ketogenic diet, Aggressive Keto.) and allows for one day of eating carbohydrates a week (a process referred to as “re-feeding”).

I wrote a post about the different types of Ketogenic diets here.

That’s Keto in it’s simplest form.

If you want to know the in-depth processes that occur during Ketosis, check out this post.

-Ryan John

  • Ryan
  • December 17, 2013

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Nicolas N. K. - April 12, 2016 Reply

Good day Mr. Ryan,

I found this article and several others just fucking fantastic and very helpful. There is a girl that actually send me the link and she is already doing the Ketosis. From the three weeks now I can definitely see an improvement. So I’ve decided to go this same way. Could you please send me any other helpful information in regards to this? Thank you in advance. -Nicolas N. K.

    Ryan - April 13, 2016 Reply

    Hey Nicolas, glad you found the article helpful.

    Before I recommend anything to you, what are you struggling with that you would like some more information on?


    Williammaf - May 25, 2016 Reply

    Say, you got a nice post.Really thank you! Really Cool. Madril

Jim - June 28, 2016 Reply

Is it common to feel flabby during the start of a keto diet.
How do i tell I am in keto? i am in week 3, when should i start to notice results?

    Ryan - July 11, 2016 Reply

    Yes, you could be feeling flabby due to a low salt intake. Without the carbs, your body doesn’t retain salt compared to when it’s in a carb filled state. Try upping your salt intake.
    As for knowing if you’re in keto, you can get keto urine strips from any pharmacy that will tell you whether you’re producing ketones (thus in ketosis) or not. As long as you aren’t eating too much, you should start noticing results after a week or two, especially in your face as the carb bloating starts to subside.
    Good luck!

Naina - May 21, 2017 Reply

Hi Ryan,i need your advice, Well i have struggle almost all my life to lose few pounds,and i have tried different types of diet, i am 26 years old with 53kg,but with unwanted curves…..i need a good advice,as ketogenic diet is totally something new to me.Sorry for my bad english. Thank you.

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