Heavy Music For Heavy Lifts

Ruthless, Positive Aggression.

Heavy Lifts

If you want to make progress with heavy lifting. That’s what you need.

You need to fill yourself with that aggression.

You need to make sure you are constantly fueled by that aggression.

The best way to do that?

Heavy. Fucking. Music.

First, let me clarify what I mean by “Heavy”.

If you’re pop cultured it’s most likely not what you think.

I don’t mean Rage Against The Machine.

I don’t mean Metallica.

I don’t mean ACDC.

What I listen to in the gym makes those bands more comparable to Justin Beiber than the word “Heavy”.

I mean REAL heavy music.

8 string guitars that are tuned down to drop fuck off and vocals that are nothing but a wall of aggression.

Most pop cultured people will label this music as “screamo”, and dismiss it as shit because “I can’t even understand the words!”.

Fuck that, you don’t need to.

Heavy music infuses you with a positive aggression that makes you tackle the barbell in a ruthless fit of anger and utter contempt for any kind of weakness you see in yourself.

Pull a retarded face, make some noise, wait til the fucking breakdown and take out all of that anger that has been building up inside you.

Channel negative energy into positive action. That is the healthiest way to deal with any negative emotion.

This breakdown is responsible for many of my PR’s with the barbell.

It doesn’t sound nice.

It is not one bit relaxing.

It’s Angry, hate-fueled music.

Anger is not meant to be bottled up.

It’s a tool that can make you a bitter little whiny bitch or it can make you a man.

Use it well.

-Ryan John

  • Ryan
  • December 9, 2013

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